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  Inner Lok 8  

Lace-up ankle brace with internal figure eight straps that simulates ankle taping



This is an ideal ankle brace for sports such as basketball, soccer, football, running, gymnastics and many others.


Mode of action

The Swede-O Inner Lok 8 ankle brace features a patented internal figure eight strapping system which assures proper strap placement and simulates professional taping. The quick relase strap allows you to easily remove the brace by loosening the internal strapping system.

The exclusive dual eyelet lacing system is offset to create a “pulley effect”, keeping the brace tighter longer. The top strap covers the laces and locks the figure eight straps in position.

The full elastic back is comfortable against the Achilles tendon and helps reduce irritation and potential for blistering. The breathable tongue helps keep the foot cool and comfortable. The Inner Lok 8 is constructed from a durable ballistic nylon which is comfortably thin and lightweight.



patented built in figure 8 strapping system which simulates professional taping



Sizing Chart & Colours

Men's shoe size
Women's shoe size
3 - 5.5
4 - 6.5
6 - 7.5
7 - 9.5
8 - 10.5
10 - 11.5
11 - 12.5
12 - 13.5
13 - 14.5
14 -15.5

* Sized by US shoe size

Available colour: Black only


Where to buy

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#03-80 CT Hub 2,
Singapore 338729
Tel: 6224-8468
  Integratif @ Changi General Hospital - Pharmacy B
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