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  protect. Leva strap  

Ankle support with single elastic strap for extra stabilisation



slight instability of the ankle joint
ankle sprains
joint effusions and swellings due to arthritis and osteoarthritis
chronic, post-operative and post traumatic inflammation


Mode of action

massage effect exerted by the use of compressive knit leads to reduction of swellings and effusions

elastic support improves proprioception and therefore achieves better muscular support (stabilisation of the ankle)



additional grip provided by a broad foot strap

made of breathable, elastic and light fabric material

added comfort from the use of softer material at the flexion area

seamless fabrication and soft borders


Sizing Chart

Circumference of ankle (cm)
20 - 22
22 - 24
24 - 26
26 - 28
28 - 30

measurement: circumference of ankle at the narrowest point above ankle bone

Available in left or right configuration


Where to buy

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