Osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee, a degenerative disorder, can cause severe disability. Pain, stiffness and inflammation in the knee are all signs of OA. In the early stages, the articular cartilage becomes pitted, causing stiffness in the knee. People often find themselves cutting back on their activities or work because of the discomfort and pain. In advanced OA, the cartilage erodes to the point where the bone is exposed and the two primary bones (femur and tibia) in the knee joint rub against each other. There is a great deal of pain, stiffness and inflammation associated with this advanced degenerative stage. As a result, many people are forced to give up activities that require standing or walking, which often results in weight gain and a reduction in their quality of life.

The degeneration of knee cartilage is often due to the normal aging process, but can start much earlier if you injure your knee. The constant weight on your knees causes the damaged cartilage to deteriorate rapidly, especially if you perform load-bearing work or are very active. Extra weight (even body weight) often accelerates the degenerative process. Approximately 1 in 5 adults over the age of 45 has OA of the knee, and most have it by the time they retire. The greater prevalence of obesity, and aging population, are increasing the number of affected people in the world.

People with moderate or severe OA who fail analgesics and/or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) have limited therapeutic options. Some choose surgery, but many are unwilling or are too young, or too old, or weakened by co-morbid disease to consider surgery. Now, there is another safe, non-invasive and clinically proven option - BioniCare.


BioniCare is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment option for osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. It delivers an imperceptible pulsed electrical signal (PES) that was designed specifically for the treatment of pain, symptoms and the overall improvement of the OA knee.

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Do you suffer from moderate or severe knee osteoarthritis conditions? Are you intolerant to medications or wish to avoid dependency? Are you medically unqualified or unwilling to undergo knee replacement surgery?

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Posted on March 15, 2012   Posted on August 30, 2011   Posted on July 13, 2010

Healthy, functioning joints are frequently taken for granted. Every year in the United States, runners train for marathons, overworked executives hit the gym, thousands brave the winter weather to hit the slopes, and families hop on their bikes for a ride around the neighborhood. However, if you are one of the millions of Americans living with osteoarthritis...


The Center for Disease Control reports that an estimated 46 million adults in the United States have some form of arthritis. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis of the knee, which affects more than 27 million Americans nationwide and will affect nearly half the American population during their lifetime...


"The BioniCare Night-Wrap is the ideal solution for either BioniCare patients wishing to increase their treatment hours while they sleep, or osteoarthritis patients who are unable or do not wish to wear a brace-based BioniCare system during the day, but still achieve results," said Jim Knape, president and founder, VQ OrthoCare...

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