BioniCare is a non-invasive, non-drug treatment option for osteoarthritis (OA) of the knee. The BioniCare system provides an electrical signal that stimulates the joint tissue to reduce the pain and symptoms of arthritis and helps maintain the health of the knee joint. The arthritic joint has a diminished electrical signal which likely contributes to the deterioration of the joint. BioniCare is the first and only patented proprietary signal and system demonstrated to be safe and effective in multiple clinical studies.

Clinical Studies


BioniCare’s patented signal was designed specifically for the treatment of pain and symptoms of knee OA. It is not to be confused with other stimulators, including a TENS device, that only provides temporary pain relief by blocking pain signals. The stimulation is subsensory—the patient does not feel the stimulation. It treats the underlying cause of the disease by stimulating the joint tissue and improving the overall health of the joint. It provides a slow-acting, but longer-lasting improvement in symptoms. The BioniCare system is clinically proven to reduce pain and symptoms, and improve function of the osteoarthritic knee.

Osteoarthritis Knee Braces (Optional)   Signal Generator (Standard)   Night-Wrap (Standard)
A knee brace that unloads the affected compartment, relieving pressure and pain, using a 3-point leverage system. The Eagle OA knee brace (left) and the OActive knee brace (right) provide immediate pain relief by unloading the affected knee joint.
The signal generator delivers the patented electrical signal that relieves the pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis and provides for overall improvement of the knee over time. The signal generator attaches to the patient via electrodes that are worn under the knee brace and a lead wire.

The Night-Wrap can be worn while sleeping to extend the number of hours BioniCare is worn and achieve symptom relief and return to activities more rapidly.

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