I was diagnose with OA in my knees this last year and did not realize that it was so bad until I was attending a Quilt Retreat this last July and my knee locked up with excruciating pain. I could not walk or hobble and the girls had to help carry me to bed. Now mind you, I am the youngest in the group at 54, and that was a feat for most of them to carry me. I have also had Fibromyalgia for over 8 years and I just passed off the pain in my knees as one of the symptoms. I have now been told that I may need total knee replacement sometime in the future. I was not happy to hear about that at all. I talked to my Orthopedic Dr. about alternatives and she turned my on to the Bionicare knee brace. I received the knee brace in August and use it regularly. I also am using the Night-Wrap as well. I have now put in over 1150 hours between the two and as of yesterday, I can walk without a cane. I am very happy with this system and am hoping to prolong the need of surgery. I would recommend the Bionicare knee brace to those with OA in the knees.

by Kim - Arizona
I am a very active 70 year old woman and I am proactive in my healthcare. Part of reaching this ripe age is having very active osteoarthritis in my knees. The pain and swelling in my knees was compromising my active walking life. I am also frugal. Medicine costs money and operations costs even more and the side effects are even worse.

I sought and found a naturally effective method to improve and safeguard the function of my knees. The BioniCare Knee Device is not pretty, it isn’t even fun to have to strap on each night but it works! I have been using it faithfully every night for approximately nine months, even within the first few weeks the swelling in my knees dramatically changed. I tested the BioniCare Knee Device by not using the device a couple of times, thinking I was certainly “cured.” I found although I did still feel better, I definitely achieved maximum benefit when wearing the BioniCare Knee Device on a nightly basis. My physician verified that my knee swelling and flexibility have returned to near normal usage. I still have osteoarthritis but I feel with the help of the BioniCare Knee Device I can look forward to many years of pain-free flexible knee movement without heavy medications or operations.

by Priscilla - Valparaiso, IN
Post traumatic osteoarthritis over the past 20 years led me to give up high impact sports, limit weight bearing activities and an increasing tendency toward sedentary behavior. Several surgical procedures to delay the progress of the disease, usual pharmacologic and injection therapies were no longer beneficial by spring of this year.

A colleague suggested the BioniCare Knee Device which I’ve used since the summer of 2006. Daily use of 8-10 hours totaling well beyond 1000 hours has made a notable improvement.

As a semi-retired Orthopedic Surgeon, always physically and athletically active, the BioniCare Knee Device has been a godsend. Prior to its use, I was unable to cycle long distances or on hills, drive the car any distance due to bent knee pain or walk on uneven or inclined surfaces. I am happy to report that there’s vast improvement. Just at a point in my life when time permitted, the knee arthritis precluded the pursuit of my athletic and usual activities.

Clearly, it’s a very worthwhile intervention to try before considering surgery. As an orthopedic surgeon who specialized in hip and knee replacements I would absolutely recommend use of this BioniCare Knee Device as an alternative to surgery. If I were still active surgically, my patients would be urged to use the BioniCare Knee Device as directed. The scientific principles of its efficacy have been well established in appropriate studies. Surgery can always be done. Trying all reasonable alternatives, including this BioniCare Knee Device, before deciding on surgery is good medicine and good sense.

by James - Dana Point, CA
I am late in sending this letter because I am busy doing all the things I could not do before using the BioniCare Knee Device.

I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in 1989. I had been having problems with my right knee years before that date.

I started using the BioniCare Knee Device in January 2006. Before Christmas of 2005, I hurt my right knee and the Supartz injections had stopped working. All I could think of was having a knee replacement. Then I remembered my physician had told me about the BioniCare Knee Device and I found a BioniCare business card. I met with the BioniCare rep in my physician’s office and she was just wonderful.

I had results in two weeks. By mid-spring I was walking 6 miles per day. I could go further but I have other things to do. I continued this walking while we were in France for 4 months. Now, I am walking 6 miles, 4 times a week and I do weight training the other 3 days. My knee is in better shape than when I was in my 30’s.

I think this BioniCare Knee Device is the most wonderful thing in my health life. To not have to worry about a knee replacement is worth all the money in the world. Thank you.

by Elaine - Austin, TX
I have had osteoarthritis for forty years, during which time my pain has steadily increased.

I have been using the BioniCare Knee Device since July 18, 2006. When I first started using it, I was in extreme pain and my quality of life was very poor. I was taking pain medication two to three times per day. I could not stand in one place at all, and walking was very painful. This basically made me have to stay at home. I could not be on my feet to go anywhere for more than an hour at a time, and even that was a very painful struggle.

Now, after using the BioniCare Knee Device for approximately 1000 hours, I am able to go shopping, to movies, etc. For me, it is like a new life. I take much less pain medication since I started the program. I feel this improvement is all due to BioniCare. I would recommend it to anyone suffering from the pain of osteoarthritis. The BioniCare Knee Device is very easy to use.

By the way, I am a young 96 year old lady who enjoys life, and who is now able to enjoy it more because I have less pain and more mobility thanks to BioniCare.

by Catherine - Orange, CA
I appreciate the opportunity to share the considerable benefits I received from wearing the BioniCare Knee Device. The surgery to repair the medial meniscal tear in my right knee was successful and my post-operative therapy got me back on my feet. I was aware, however, that my osteoarthritis (OA) would continue to give me problems.

With the swelling and pain, I was often going back to my doctor for help. I took Synvisc injections (three series, three injections in each series), six additional weeks of physical therapy, a new knee brace, and any other advice the doctor could give me. I suspected a total knee replacement was in my future. Then my doctor wrote me a prescription for the BioniCare Knee Device. My appointments with my doctor ceased since wearing the BioniCare Knee Device starting in January 2006. I scheduled a follow-up appointment on October 30, 2006 to report my progress with my doctor and have my records updated. The following information may be helpful:

- I was diagnosed with OA late 2002. After a MRI, my doctor told me about the medial meniscal tear in my right knee and also indicated a serious case of arthritis. I had been experiencing severe pain for years, so I wasn’t surprised.

- I was fitted with the BioniCare Knee Device on January 11, 2006. I began wearing it that night and each night thereafter. I experienced some relief after the first night. After one week, I felt like a new person. My family and friends were surprised how my gait and mobility had improved.

- I have been wearing the BioniCare Knee Device almost 11 months now. I wear it 10 hours each night, seven days a week. As of this date, my time for wearing it is 2676:32 hours.

- The BioniCare Knee Device has changed my quality of life by making me mobile again as a normal person of my age. Although I keep walking as an exercise to a minimum, I can now walk normally for long periods of time without pain or limping. I also experience no pain with normal activities, such as kneeling, bending, rising out of a chair and standing for extended periods.

- My treatment habits have changed tremendously. No more visits to the doctor, no more Synvisc injections, no more drug therapy and no more physical therapy. I am able to reduce the number of hours I wear the device each night and skip an occasional night without problems.

I would highly recommend using the BioniCare Knee Device for anyone with OA. It is a simple, yet effective treatment for a person of 70 years. I would share with others what occurred to me when my supplies were lost in the mail, and I went without wearing my Knee Device for an entire week, I regressed to my initial pain level. When I began wearing it again and returned to my previous comfort level, I knew it was a must for me.

by Margaret - Plano, TX
I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in February 2003, in my left knee. I was taking ibuprofen for the pain and swelling. My physician suggested the BioniCare Knee Device treatment to me in February of 2006. I have been using the knee device almost every day since then, and I have logged over 1700 hours.

The BioniCare Knee Device has helped me greatly. The pain and swelling in my knee has almost disappeared. I am able to swim for over 30 minutes without pain. I am able to walk 2-3 miles without pain. I still have some discomfort climbing and descending stairs, but the pain is less than before. I think I have a better range of motion in my knee. It is still somewhat painful to stand in one place for a long time, but that also has improved.

I would not give up my BioniCare Knee Device as I think I am still improving every day. I rarely take any medication now for the pain in my knee.

I would strongly urge anyone with osteoarthritis to try the BioniCare Knee Device. It has made a big difference in my life.

by Marcia - Coconut Creek, FL
I am a 62 year old full time caregiver to my husband. I have painful osteoarthritis in my right knee. It has been chronic for three years. My doctor told me I needed total knee replacement surgery.

I started using the BioniCare Knee Device in July 2006. In the beginning I used the knee device for four hours a day. I increased the time gradually to 6 hours a day in August and September, and in October I wore the device at night for 8 hours. After wearing the device for over 700 hours, I was able to feel a sense of relief in the level of pain in my right knee.

Overall, BioniCare has helped me function better. I no longer walk with a cane. I am able to vacuum, carry groceries, climb stairs, sit on the floor and do yoga exercises. Also, I was able to cut back on my Celebrex medication (one 200 mg. tablet every other day). I can get out of bed much quicker and do not need to steady myself by leaning on furniture. The device has become my security blanket and I still go to sleep with it every night.

I want to continue wearing my BioniCare Knee Device and recommend it to other patients with painful osteoarthritis in their knees.

by Deirdre - Miami, FL
I have had osteoarthritis in my left knee for approximately 10 years. Having taken all the popular prescription drugs for arthritis, my stomach was either upset or my blood pressure would go too high. I injured my left knee 2 1/2 years ago and had arthroscopic surgery and was told that I needed a total knee replacement. I was 56 years old at the time and I could only walk short distances with the use of a cane and I could only stand for a short period of time. I could not squat or kneel down. My range of motion was not real good. I could not totally straighten my leg and I had a lot of pain.

My arthritis doctor told me about the BioniCare Knee Device and I decided to give it a try. I began wearing the BioniCare Knee Device in February 2006 and I’m still using it today. It has worked a miracle on my knee! I have no pain and I’m not taking any arthritis medications now. I could tell a tremendous improvement in my knee after only a couple of weeks of using it. I walk without limping and without the use of a cane. I can totally straighten out my leg, bend, stoop, and squat. Without the BioniCare Knee Device I would have had to have a total knee replacement. It has kept me from having to have surgery and I am pain free.

I’ve worn the BioniCare Knee Device while sleeping for 9 months and have accumulated over 1450 hours. I don’t need to wear it every night now, but for 1 or 2 nights per week for maintenance or if I’ve walked a lot and feel very tired, I’ll wear it.

Thanks to BioniCare, I can go shopping with my daughter and play and take walks with my grandchildren.

I highly recommend the BioniCare Knee Device to anyone with OA of the knee. It can save them from having a knee replacement or from taking expensive and possibly dangerous drugs.

BioniCare has greatly improved my quality of life.

by Barbara - Benson, NC
I’ve had osteoarthritis of my left knee for several years and started using the BioniCare Knee Device around November of 2005. Prior to this I could hardly walk more than twenty-five to thirty yards without pain and had limitation of motion in the knee. One of the consequences of this disability was that I even had to give up my weekly tennis matches, an important part of my exercise regime.

I have worn the BioniCare Knee Device over 1,000 hours and now use it only sparingly. The results have been dramatic. I must also add that I have augmented this therapy with three Synvisc injections, and I am essentially now pain free. The Synvisc injections were eight months ago, and this, combined with sporadic use of the BioniCare Knee Device, has restored essentially full function to my knee, enabling me to walk extensively and resume playing tennis. I rarely take analgesics any more. I would definitely recommend anyone contemplating any knee surgery to use this device for the minimum of 750 hours before contemplating any invasive procedures.

by Stephen (M.D.) - Framingham, MA
First, I’m not too keen on giving accolades to a product, but the “feeling better” is so significant with the BioniCare Knee Device, I have no issue with writing this letter.

Let me explain some information of my past. I played semi-pro hockey from age 15 to 18, having skated since I was six years old. I snow-skied for 42 years and was a certified ski instructor. I averaged 100 ski days per year for those 42 years. I jogged and walked for probably 45 years, and did physical exercise since I was probably 10. (I need to be strong to play hockey!) In summary, I have been active most of my life.

Then I began having issues with my knees. If I wanted to ski, I needed to take up to five Advil and sometimes more to ski for a day. What began to happen is the ski time dwindled seriously and then at about age 60 I stopped altogether. I just couldn’t do it.

I had to take up to three or four Advil per day just to get through the day. I’ve had to do this until my physician talked me into using your BioniCare Knee Device. I was so skeptical, in fact, the first month I spent only five to seven hours per week using the Knee Device. As I got my usage time up to about 50 hours, I thought there was improvement. So in the second month, I upped my hours to now I wear the Knee Device about 35-40 hours per week.

With only 200 hours of product use, my discomfort level is minimal. I walk daily, and three days per week walk between two and three miles. I have minimal discomfort with my knees and anticipate with continued usage, may ski this year. My Advil consumption has been reduced to almost zero. On days that I’m walking longer distances, I will take one Advil, but have forgotten several times without issue.

I am getting my usage time up and will continue to look for continued improvement. I think the product is wonderful. I feel strongly additional hours will result in continued improvement.

by Jim - Clarkston, MI
I have had Osteoarthritis (OA) for at least 10 years and it has gotten progressively more painful over the last few years. I started using the BioniCare Knee Device on my left knee in February 2006 and on my right knee in October, 2006. I usually wear the Knee Device at least 8 hours at night. There have been a few nights that I haven’t used it and I can tell the difference in the condition and level of pain when I don’t wear the Knee Device.

Before I started using the Knee Device it was very hard to stand up long enough to cook a meal and it would be very hard to sweep or vacuum my house. I would have to stop and sit down several times to relieve the pain before I could finish.

I don’t take as near as much pain medication now, 50% to 75% less. I still use the Knee Device 8 to 10 hours a night.

I would like to suggest that anyone with OA of the knee to consider the BioniCare Knee Device before having knee surgery. Perhaps they could postpone knee surgery for several years.

by Sheila - Wolfe City, TX
My right knee is hurting—what in the world have I done to it? This was my question in the fall of 2005. During the summer of 2005, I was packing my house to move. This involved stooping, bending and lifting heavy boxes. After the move, we were involved in cleaning and painting the old house in preparation for another family to move in. My job involved squatting on my knees to clean and paint the baseboards of each room. My knee was saying to me—“and you don’t know why I’m hurting?”

After our move, I was able to take more frequent walks and noticed that when walking, my right knee was very painful. Also, walking up the stairs to my house caused pain. There were also times that if I sat still for a long period of time, I could not straighten out my knee and had very sharp pains.

I made an appointment with my physician on November 11, 2005. After his examination that day and a MRI on December 16, 2005, he determined that I had OA. He offered several options for treatment but the least invasive treatment offered was the BioniCare Knee Device.

On January 3, 2006, I was fitted for the BioniCare Knee Device on my right knee. My recommended treatment was to wear the BioniCare Knee Device a minimum of 10 hours per day. I have followed this treatment plan and as of today, October 16, 2006, I am relatively pain free! I no longer need to take any anti-inflammatory drugs for the pain and now only wear the device 3-4 times per week. There are a very few times that I may have a small bit of twinge of the nerve in the knee but there is no pain when I do any of my normal daily activities!

I would highly recommend the BioniCare Knee Device to any person experiencing pain from OA! It is a wonderful treatment option and I have shared my story with many people suffering from this problem.

My thanks to my physician for his recommendation of this treatment option and also to you for the development of this device to assist people suffering from OA!

by Ruth - Plymouth, NC
I have lived with osteoarthritis of the knee for years which my doctor says was partly triggered by the injuries I have sustained throughout my life. Being a very active person, I was involved in sports such as water skiing and surfing, but as the pain increased, I was forced to give up those activities. The pain became so severe that I could not sleep at night. The swelling in my knee had caused my knee to look deformed and made it very difficult to walk with any stability. I couldn’t believe that my life had made such a turn for the worse. In an attempt to get some pain relief and part of my life back, I underwent several surgeries. Unfortunately, the pain remained. At that point, it didn’t seem like anything would work.

In March 2006, I made an appointment with my physician who suggested I try the BioniCare Knee Device. I was willing to try a different treatment option since surgery hadn’t worked. I started wearing the device immediately. Within the first few days of therapy, I couldn’t believe the pain relief I felt. I also saw a decrease in the swelling and my knee started to look normal again. The results were incredible!

Since day one, I have made a commitment to wearing the BioniCare Knee Device every day and have used the device for 1,491 hours. My commitment to therapy has paid off. The only time I feel some pain is when there is a change in the weather. As a 54 year old, I am much more active than any of my friends. The BioniCare Knee Device has done wonders for me and it has helped relieve my pain and symptoms when nothing else worked!

by John - Wake Forest, NC

In 2002, I started having a problem with bone on bone in my left knee because of arthritis. When walking, the pain was excruciating. Over the years, I had several types of injections in my knee, but none really helped. My physician suggested the BioniCare Knee Device.

In March of 2006, I started using the BioniCare Knee Device. A week after I started wearing the BioniCare Knee Device, I could feel a difference. After awhile, I was not having the sharp pains when I walked. The BioniCare Knee Device has made a big difference in my pain level and my walking. When I don’t wear the BioniCare Knee Device, the sharp pains return; so I know the BioniCare Knee Device works but I don’t know exactly how. All I know is that I am thrilled that it improves the condition so that I can walk without limping.

by Annette - Miami Lakes, FL

As of this writing, I have logged 1,135 hours and thankfully, with limited pain. I’m 68 years old and have always had a very active lifestyle. For the last 5 years, I’ve walked 4-5 miles a day with knee pain. In June 2005, the pain prohibited me from walking home. MRI’s, cortisone shots, naproxen and possible surgery was in my future. I had been using ice packs 3-4 times a day for the swelling.

My husband and I heard about the BioniCare Knee Device from our chiropractor and family physician. We saw a chance to greatly improve my quality of life. Now I am able to walk pretty much pain-free with no swelling (without icing). I no longer take pain killers.

It has not always been convenient to wear the pads, but the results have been worth any inconvenience.

by Sylvia - San Clemente, CA
I have lived with osteoarthritis for years, but I could start to feel the pain worsen in the spring of 2005. After an MRI, my orthopedic surgeon told me that I had to have arthroscopic surgery in July of 2005. Unfortunately, this surgery was unsuccessful. My physician then told me I had no cartilage left in my knee and that as my disease progressed I would go from using a cane to walker unless I had a total knee replacement.

In January of 2006, I decided to get a second opinion because I was determined to find another option to surgery and I did not want to rely on the use of assistive devices for the rest of my life. I met with my physician and he offered an alternative to surgery – the BioniCare Knee Device. I began therapy in February 2006 and used the BioniCare Knee Device 7 hours per day, every day. By October, I had accumulated over 1600 hours of use. The BioniCare Knee Device not only kept me off the operating table, but I was also able to completely stop taking any pain medications.

Before BioniCare, I could barely walk, but now, at 68 years old, I can enjoy my life without pain in my knee. I am able to go on vacations, for long walks and perform simple daily activities, like getting in and out of the car, and not worry about the pain. My vacation in Yellowstone allowed me to walk everywhere and I was not limited in any of my sightseeing activities. My friends can’t believe I am as active as I am!

I will continue to wear the BioniCare Knee Device and would offer this as an opportunity for anyone looking for an effective alternative to surgery.

by Dale - Canton, GA
A little over a year ago my doctor, a specialist in arthritis and rheumatoid diseases, recommended that I try the BioniCare Knee Device on my right knee as a possible alternative to knee replacement surgery.

Since January 20, 2006, I have worn the BioniCare Knee Device nightly and have experienced some lessening of pain in the knee and greater freedom of movement with no uncomfortable side effects.

As of today, I am able to walk at least a mile a day, do most housekeeping chores and go dancing with my husband weekly. I plan to continue to wear the BioniCare Knee Device and hope to experience even greater mobility.

by Mary - Miami, FL
For several years, I had been experiencing ever increasing pain in my right knee and limitations on my mobility and quality of life. The knee pain felt like the joint was bone on bone with grinding pain and made walking any distance impossible, requiring the use of a scooter, cane or walker depending upon the pain levels for that particular day. My doctor tried various prescription medications and injections, all of which did not provide the relief needed to regain my mobility, my previous quality of life or lessen the pain I was experiencing.

I was identified as a possible candidate for the BioniCare Knee Device as a pain management and pain improvement device. I started the program in March 2006. Any relief from the knee pain and increase in mobility and quality of life were my incentives. I started wearing the device for 8 to 10 hours per night. After just one month, my knee pain began to lesson and my mobility slowly returned to a manageable level. I was able to resume walking for short distances and over the time I have used the BioniCare Knee Device, my distance has increased markedly and I am now able to walk without assistance. I have been able to resume shopping and outings. My doctor would like me to continue using the Device in hopes my bone on bone situation will improve.

I highly recommend anyone experiencing severe knee pain to try the BioniCare Knee Device. The results I have received are remarkable. I now feel I have regained my quality of life.

by Karen - San Antonio, TX

I was diagnosed with Osteoarthritis in 1998. My bone specialist recommended a knee replacement for my left knee two years ago because it is just about bone on bone.

My knees were very painful and I was extremely depressed. My activity was limited. I had experienced a weight gain of 18 pounds. My physician prescribed the BioniCare Knee Device for pain management. It changed my life.

I have been using the BioniCare Knee Device for eight months and 1,370 hours logged at this time. My pain has diminished greatly and I have lost 15 pounds. I can now go up and down stairs normally instead of one step at a time.

My depression lifted when the pain began to fade. It took approximately one month for me to notice the pain subsided significantly. It just kept getting better.

Today is a wonderful day. Pain medication is not part of my life. BioniCare took its place. The Knee Device is less expensive and non-invasive. I have high hopes that knee replacements will not be a part of my future. My family and friends have mentioned that I don’t walk as much like a cripple these days. Thank you!!!!

Sincerely and extremely grateful.

By Susan

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