Treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee

Researchers found that a healthy knee produces an electrical impulse upon weight-bearing, while in an arthritic joint the strength of that impulse is significantly diminished. BioniCare delivers pulsed electrical signal (PES) that mimics the natural impulse and is clinically proven to be effective. This signal, which is imperceptible to the user was designed specifically for the treatment of pain, symptoms and the overall improvement of the osteoarthritic knee.

Five peer-reviewed, published studies involving 1200 patients in 88 clinical settings have proven BioniCare’s effectiveness in reducing the pain and symptoms of OA and getting patients back to the activities they enjoy.

BioniCare is indicated for uni-, bi- and tri-compartmental osteoarthritis of the knee.


Pain Relief, Edema Reduction and Symptomatic Management

The OrthoStim4, a multi-modality electrotherapy system available exclusively from VQ OrthoCare combines four different types of stimulation to help enhance pain relief, reduce edema, promote positive outcomes and provide comprehensive symptomatic management of a patient's condition.

- Addresses multiple symptoms in one device
- Alternative or adjunct to pain medications, anti-inflammatories or Cox-2 inhibitors
- Non-narcotic, non-addictive and non-invasive
- Web-based, compliance reports available to the physician
- Ability to provide 24-hour, continuous relief of symptoms
- Convenient, portable and easy to use


Faststart® Interferential Stimulator
Management of post-surgical, acute and chronic pain

Interferential Stimulator has all the comprehensive settings of a clinical device in the convenience of a portable package. The FastStart® IF features:

- Management of post-surgical, acute and chronic pain
- Advanced electronics for smooth, consistent current flow
- Digital accuracy
- One-touch programming access
- Ability to link presets
- Compliance timer
- Full spectrum sweep modes
- Made in the U.S.A.

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