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  Townsend Premier OA  
  Lightweight, low profile carbon graphite custom OA knee braces  
The lightweight, low profile carbon graphite custom Premier Series OA knee braces are Townsend’s most popular models for unloading and pain relief. The Premier Reliever is a double upright brace that includes Townsend’s patented LoadShifter Relief Mechanism for shifting the femoral shell to increase corrective force.


patients diagnosed with mild to severe medial or lateral compartment OA
patients who have moderate to severe medial or lateral unicompartment osteoarthritis
double upright model is recommended for combination OA and ligament instability
single hinge PR1 is ideal for lateral OA



custom molded solid core carbon graphite shells

patented Townsend Motion TM5+ hinges (double upright)

patented Townsend Motion TM6+ hinges (single upright)

extension stop kit

patented synergistic suspension strap

anti-migration strap padding

rotation control tibial shell contour

high gloss paint or powdercoat finish

patented loadshifter for adjusting the angle of the thigh shell to increase the base correction built into the brace (double upright)

an adjustable force buttress that allows the patient to optimize counter force pressure (single upright)



 Premier Reliever (double upright) - features a lightweight, low profile design that
provides comfortable unloading and pain relief.

 Premier Reliever 1 (single upright) - The new PR1 is a single upright model that is ideal for lateral OA (no medial hinge) and patients who prefer an ultra light weight brace


Custom Options

ACL or combined Instabilities
13, 14, 15 And 16 Inch Shell Length
hinge material -- 6061 aluminum or titanium or stainless steel
extension assist (double upright)
compression / suspension package
spooner patella stabilising attachment
flexion stop kit
a variety of colours


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