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Protect. Genu
Knee support with visco-elastic patella ring
slight instability of the knee joint
articular effusions and swellings
chronic post-operative and post-traumatic inflammation
patella chondropathy
osteoarthritis and arthritis
meniscus injuries
patellofemoral pain syndrome
Mode of Action
massage effect achieved by the compressive fabric

visco-elastic insert improves the blood circulation and leads to rapid reduction of haematoma and oedema

seamless, tailored knee support improves proprioception and therefore improves muscular support (stabilisation of the knee)
high degree of stability for the knee joint made possible by the rods incorporated in each side of the support

effective relief of pressure on the patella due to the integrated patellar ring

specific massage effect exerted by the interaction between the compressive knit and the patellar ring

very comfortable to wear due to the use of active breathing, elastic material

prevention of unsightly skin impressions due to the seamless fabrication and soft borders
(d) cm
(f) cm
28 - 31
40 - 43
31 - 34
43 - 46
34 - 37
46 - 49
37 - 40
49 - 52
40 - 43
52 - 55
43 - 46
55 - 58

(f) - circumference of thigh 15cm above the centre of the patella (measured at the medial side of the thigh)

(d) - circumference 5cm below the centre of the patella (measured at the medial side of the lower leg)
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