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  Rebel Reliever  
  Double upright aircraft aluminum osteoarthritis knee brace with LoadShifter mechanism  
Osteoarthritis knee brace, the Rebel Reliever, is a knee brace that is universally adaptable for medial OA, lateral OA, and ligament instability. The brace is designed to stabilise the knee by gently applying a 3-point corrective force to the leg. Townsend’s patented Loadshifter technology provides the necessary mechanical leverage to shift compressive forces away from the damaged side of the knee. The brace effectively limits varus or valgus misalignment, and redistributes the patient’s weight across a broader aspect of the knee joint resulting in less pain.

The Rebel Reliever is proven to achieve substantial mechanical offloading, reduce pain, and increase patient activity. It’s Townsend’s #1 selling OA knee brace for good reason. It works. Medical professionals have trusted the Rebel Reliever to reduce pain and improve mobility for over 250,000 of their patients.


mild to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis (medial or lateral compartment)


Mode of action

The patented LoadShifter mechanism and tool-less SnapLock are incorporated into the
femoral section of Rebel Reliever. The LoadShifter adjusts the angle of the thigh shell, increasing corrective pressure at the top of the leg. This amplifies the three-point counterforce at the knee and distal end of the brace -- improving leg alignment and reducing compressive
load on the degenerated side of the knee.

The innovative attachment and angulation of the Synergistic Suspension Strap works brilliantly with the hinges and structural design of the brace. The strap nestles into the flexion fold behind the knee, tightening into the medial and lateral sides of the leg. It utilises the top of the calf muscle as an anatomical shelf, and can’t slip down over the wider aspect of the calf.

Townsend patented Compression/Suspension Package is a ‘no migration’ insurance policy. Semi-rigid padded sub-shells are strategically mounted into opposing sides of the thigh section. The pads compress into the femoral hallows above the bony condyles, comfortably burrowing into soft tissue to eliminate any potential for brace migration.

The Townsend Motion Hinge tracks with the anatomical roll-and- glide motion of the knee. The hinges keep the brace properly positioned on the limb throughout range of motion. This optimises the function and suspension of the brace, producing the best outcomes and highest levels of patient compliance.



LoadShifter mechanism adjusts the angle of the thigh shell to offload OA knee
tool-less SnapLock makes changing corrective pressure of the OA brace easy
Compression/Suspension package hold the brace steady and prevents migration
Synergistic Suspension Strap further prevents the brace from migration

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