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  M.4 X-lock  
  Functional rigid brace with extension / flexion limitation  


meniscus refixation
knee extensor tendon ruptures (patellar tendon, quadriceps) – post-operative
cartilage surgery in the area of the knee cap and the trochlear groove
fractures of patella
restraint operations of the patella (e.g. MPFL reconstruction) or patellar dislocations
conservative therapy of patellar dislocations


Mode of action

reliable locking when fully extended. as such axial loading is possible in when knee is in full extension

compression resulting from the pressure promotes the stability of the meniscus suture

due to the easy conversion during free movement, initial functional excercises are possible when the brace is not under a load

optimal imitation of knee movement by using patented physioglide hinge technology



waterproof foam padding - brace can be worn even while showering
easy to lock the brace in full extension via a locking switch on the hinge
separated cushions can be positioned on the strap to prevent pressure on suture

Sizing Chart & Colours

Circumference of thigh (cm)
31 - 37
37 - 45
45 - 51
51 - 57
57 - 65
65 - 74

Available in left or right configuration

Available colour
: Black


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