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  Custom Ankle Brace  
  Ultra lightweight, low profile custom ankle brace  
Townsend’s ultra lightweight, low profile custom Premier Ankle Brace features carbon graphite shells and joints. The rigid superstructure provides the ultimate foot/ankle support. Adjustable joint inserts allow the fitter to restrict inversion and/or eversion motion -- without any limitation to normal plantarflexion and dorsiflexion motion. Additional options include an anterior shell design and dorsi assist bands.


Patients with clinical indications related to controlling instability, inversion & eversion including:

chronic ankle instabilities
patients diagnosed with posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
athletes with an injured ankle or at high risk for injury
severe pes planus (flat foot, if a UCBL has failed)
some forms of arthritis



custom molded carbon graphite shells
adjustable carbon graphite ankle joints
non-elastic straps
molded polypro foot plate

Custom Options

shell configuration and height
dorsi assist bands added to joints
graphite foot plate
a variety of powdercoat and paint color options

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