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  Custom KAFO/AFO  
  Custom bracing solutions that maximise functional mobility  
Patients who have physical conditions and significant mobility challenges who arefit with a Townsend Premier Series AFO or KAFO will maximize their functional mobility. The patient will also achieve the secondary benefit of wearing a brace that enhances their comfort and life-style.

Townsend’s solid core graphite shell designs are combined with patented knee and ankle hinge technology. The result is a rigid, durable bracing solution that achieves more effective and consistent control. Ultra light, extremely low profile, and cosmetically appealing, these designs optimize patient compliance and satisfaction.


custom AFO: patients with global ankle instabilities, weakness or absent musculature of the foot who require a lower leg brace to ambulate and participate in routine activities of daily living.

custom KAFO: patients who require a full leg brace to ambulate and participate in routine activities of daily living



custom molded solid core carbon graphite shells
custom shell pad
non-elastic straps
polypro foot plate

Custom Options

Custom AFO

shell configuration and height
a variety of ankle joints
dorsi assist bands added to joints
graphite foot plate
foot plate trim lines & padding
The Premier AFO is available in four shell designs. The shell height can be from 6-13 inches (measured from center of the ankle joint to the top band).

1) Anterior Pre-Tibial Proximal Band
2) Posterior Proximal Band
3) Anterior Proximal Band and Secondary Posterior Distal Band
4) Posterior Proximal and Distal Bands

Custom KAFO

shell configuration and height
extension assist (5-bar hinges only)
a variety of ankle joints
free motion or locking knee joints
optional cable release for locking joints
extension and/or flexion stops (free motion hinges)
graphite foot plate
foot plate trim lines & padding
The Premier KAFO is available in these standard shell designs. Straps are positioned opposite each band. Depending on the shell design, the thigh shell can be from 7-15 inches in length.

KAFOs can be fabricated with locking or free motion knee joints, including stance control knee joints from other manufacturers (i.e. Horton, Fillauer, Becker).

KAFOs can be ordered with a variety of ankle joints, including joints from other manufacturers (i.e. Becker).

KAFOs feature optional foot plate length and side wall height.

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