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  medi elastic elbow support  
  Knitted elbow support  


swellings and joint effusions
rheumatic and osteoarthritic irritations



diseases or injuries of the skin in the area of use, especially with inflammatory symptoms (excessive warming, swelling or reddening)

sensitivity and perfusion disorders of the arms (e.g. in the case of diabetes)

lymph outflow disorders, as well as unclear swellings of soft tissues

lymphoedema of the arm

arterial occlusive disease


Mode of action

Provides relief of the irritated joint and improves blood flow to the soft tissue areas surrounding the joint by producing a constant compression and massaging action during patient movement.



highly-elastic, anatomically formed, knitted two-way stretch support

the compressive effect improves resorption of oedema and effusions

rapid reduction of swelling, with pain relief in the affected region


Sizing Chart

Circumference (cm)
20 - 23
23 - 27
27 - 30
30 - 32
32 - 35

measurement: circumference 5cm below centre of elbow joint


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