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Shoulder support with movement-limiting function
proximal fractures of the head of the humerus, the glenoid cavity and the scapula, ac joint luxation
conservative treatment for painful osteoarthritis or acute and chronic anterior dislocation of the shoulder
post-operative treatment after shoulder joint prostheses or after stabilisation of the shoulder joint
reconstruction of the rotator cuff insertions and refixation of the biceps tendon anchor (SLAP lesion)
Mode of Action
the elastic knit exerts gentle local compression on the superficial soft-tissues to limit and counteract swelling and reduce muscular tension

limitation and prevention of injurious movements thanks to the adjustable, marked limitation of external rotation, abduction and anteflexion of the shoulder joint.

corrects postural deficits in the shoulder with better centering of the head of the humerus in the glenoid cavity as well as easing shoulder pain.

flexible strap system permits individual adjustment and variable limitation of movement at the shoulder joint

highly elastic, active breathing and moisture-transporting clima-comfort fabric, anatomically knitted around the upper arm and shoulder.

intelligent strap positioning ensure comfortable wearing and unrestricted function, even in everyday clothing.

suitable for long-term use over several weeks.
Product Benefits
  Medi compression - intelligent and effective products
Medi compression is the brand mark that makes medi products stand out. More than 60 years of German experience in design and research have been applied to bring you quality garments that are guaranteed to provide accurate graduated compression
  Clima Comfort
With its new material composition, the sophisticated Clima Comfort fabric now creates an even more pleasant climate for the skin. Any moisture that emerges is quickly and reliably absorbed by the inner fabric and then transported to the outside where it evaporates. At the same time the breathable knit allows oxygen to reach the skin.
  Clima Fresh
The integrated Clima Fresh function kills germs and provides a hygienic environment around the skin. A natural odour-free ambience is maintained as germs are kept out of the fabric.
Circumference upper arm (cm)
up to 26
26 - 29
29 - 33
33 - 36
36 - 39
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