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  Custom Polio Brace  
  Design to control hyperextension and/or genu recurvatum for mobility-challenged patients  
Townsend polio-style braces are designed for mobility-challenged patients who require control for hyperextension and/or genu recurvatum. You can consider the patient’s physical needs and life-style in selecting a traditional full shell or Premier Series brace design. Both braces feature our patented hinge motion and suspension technology.


post polio patients
patients who require hyperextension control
patients who require genu recurvatum control



custom molded carbon graphite shells
titanium patented Townsend motion knee joints
C/S Package (premier model)
patented synergistic suspension strap
anti-migration strap padding

Custom Options

shell length
extension assist (5-bar hinges only)
Townsend original knee joints (full shell only)
trigger lock joints
extension and flexion stop kits
variety of colors
polio knee braces can also be ordered with a leg extension and foot plate (single upright KAFO) for added control or to prevent brace migration.


Premier Polio Brace - The Premier Polio Brace is a low profile, rigid knee orthosis that features an anterior thigh, posterior calf shell design, shell reinforcements and heavy duty
knee joints.

Full Shell Polio Brace - Townsend’s Full Shell Polio Brace provides maximum control and containment of soft tissue. This brace also features heavy duty 5-Bar Townsend Motion Hinges.


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