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PSB Thumb Brace
A thumb brace for sports
In the case of a skiers thumb we see residual instability (over extension) as the result of injury to the inner side of the thumb joint. The brace has been specifically developed to support this joint at the base of the thumb (also called MCP I)
Mode of Action
  The PSB Thumb Brace is designed to prevent injury to the thumb by backward or sideward movement, a common injury in skiing. The sports brace is also useful in ball sports e.g. rugby, basketball, etc.

It supports the thumb when the thumb joint has become unstable as a result of straining of the joint ligament. The strap in the brace as it were compensates for the additional movement brought about by the damaged ligament.

The brace offers the joint protection, also against impact. The undamaged joints remain free and the straps can be adjusted in such a way that the thumb can function normally. The brace leaves the wrist entirely free and in no way restricts the wrist movement. The brace is perfectly suited for wearing during sport.
Circumference (cm)
16 - 19
19 - 22
22 - 25

The PSB thumb brace is available for both left and right thumb. For the correct size, measure around the middle hand, below the lower finger knuckles.
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