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PSB Wrist Support
A wrist support made for athletes
The PSB Wrist Support is suitable for people with minor wrist pains due to having overexerted this joint. The brace is also ideally suited for use by athletes who want to protect the wrist against injury.
Mode of Action
  The PSB Wrist Support provides support to the wrist joint, particularly on the side where the majority of wrist injuries occur. The palm of the brace has less material which means there is no feeling of pressure or pain in the fingers.

A great deal of attention has been paid to the design of the PSB wrist brace so that it can be easily fitted and used. The support can be adjusted by the persons wearing it themselves. The braces are made of top quality PSB materials.

The unique thumb piece allows the degree of support to be very precisely adjusted by the wearer.
The PSB Wrist Support is available in one size and comes in left or right version.
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