Push Med Shoulder
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Push Med Shoulder
A shoulder brace that closes around the chest leaving the neck and shoulder unstressed

acute phase after (sub)luxations
subcapital humerus fracture
acromioclavicular joint injuries

Mode of Action

The Push Med Shoulder brace fixes the upper and lower arm in position during the treatment of shoulder injuries. The position of the shoulder brace can be selected in such a way as to fix the arm in a neutral position or at a slight adduction. The position can be changed easily by turning the chest band slightly. If adduction limitation is required only, the wrist fixing element can be removed.

A separate band is slipped around the middle of the hand, thus supporting the hand in order to prevent hanging. As the brace closes around the chest, the neck and shoulder regions remain unstressed.

Each fixing point is individually adjustable, ensuring an optimum fit in all circumstances.

Product Benefits
Sympress™ Technology
The brace is made of Sympress™, a high-quality comfortable material. The use of microfibres makes the inside feel soft and keeps the skin dry.
Circumference (cm)
65 - 90
90 - 115
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