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  Back orthosis for vertebral extension in osteoporosis and strengthening of the core musculature  
Bone loss – also known as osteoporosis – is a metabolic disease in which more bone mass is destroyed than is being replaced. The bones become porous and lose substance and strength. This process often progresses unnoticed over a long period. The first bone fracture caused by the osteoporosis, for example a vertebral fracture, often occurs out of the blue. Osteoporosis is one of the ten most common diseases and is characterised by brittle bones, bent posture and decreasing height.

Since 2006, in addition to drug therapy and the recommendation of exercise and medical physiotherapy, the use of braces to straighten the spine have become a firm part of the guidelines of the German-speaking Association of Specialists in Osteology


osteoporotic bone collapse in the thoracic and lumbar spine
juvenile Scheuermann's disease
hyperkyphosis with chronic back pain


Mode of action

When you wear the Spinomed, your back muscles will be activated. As a result, your upper body will be gently straightened, countering the curvature of the spine which is typical of osteoporosis. The Spinomed stimulates the body’s own muscle resources. The back splint will have been individually adjusted by your orthopaedic technician. Together with the straps, the brace supports your muscles in holding your shoulders back and straightening your upper body. You will still be able to freely move your shoulders and arms as well as breathe unhindered. If the brace has been optimally adjusted, it can reduce pain and increase day-to-day mobility.



back support can be easily adjusted and can be individually adapted for each patient as the shape can be changed without heating

can be worn simply like a rucksack

light and easy to wear

back support vanishes into the cloth pocket

silicone naps on the inside of the hip-belt for extra grip

fixation belt for ideal fit

continuously adjustable middle belt


Sizing Chart

Length (cm)
to 43
44 - 49
50 - 55
56 - 61

measurement in cm: from the sacrum to just below C7 following the spinal curvature


Product Enquiry

Brace fitting has to be done by trained medical professional.

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