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  Boa Dual TLSO  
  Full-circumferential rigid support for the thoracolumbar spine  
Bone loss – also known as osteoporosis – is a metabolic disease in which more bone mass is destroyed than is being replaced. The bones become porous and lose substance and strength. This process often progresses unnoticed over a long period. The first bone fracture caused by the osteoporosis, for example a vertebral fracture, often occurs out of the blue. Osteoporosis is one of the ten most common diseases and is characterised by brittle bones, bent posture and decreasing height.

Since 2006, in addition to drug therapy and the recommendation of exercise and medical physiotherapy, the use of braces to straighten the spine have become a firm part of the guidelines of the German-speaking Association of Specialists in Osteology


chronic low back pain
acute low back pain
lumbar muscle weakness•
low back sprains and strains
mechanical or discogenic lumbar pain
prophylactic low back support
post-operative lumbar stabilization
degenerative disc disease
spinal blocks
post-operative lumbar fusion stabilization
spinal Stenosis
mechanical or discogenic lumbar pain
facet joint syndrome


Mode of action

The BOA Duel TLSO provides full-circumferential rigid support from the scapular thoracic region (T2-T3) down to the sacroccygeal junction (S1). It restricts forward flexion and encourages a hyperextension posture. The patented Lacer Design Compression System effectively tighten the orthosis with minimal exertion, strength, grasp, or body motion by the patient.



The patented Lacer Design Compression System is an integral feature of each BOA brace. The system utilized a multiple teardrop channel design in conjunction with a high-tension harness cord and one or two simple pull strap(s) to effectively tighten the orthosis.


Sizing Chart

circumference of waist (cm)
63 - 76
76 - 91
91 - 106
106 - 122
122 - 145

Product Enquiry

Note: This product is not meant to be self-applied. Usage has to be recommended by orthopaedic doctor, specialist or therapist. Fitting has to be done by trained medical professional.

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