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NovaPED Golf
Silicone support for painful heel
Properly fitting NovaPED golf foot supports are matched to the special requirements in golf:

Balance - Teeing off - Through swing.

Special strengthening and pressure distribution zones assure better stability and cushioning.
The NovaPED golf foot supports help you to achieve economical movement and improved coordination, and thus an optimum turning sequence and dynamic impact with lower stress on the entire body. Your feet, knee axis, hips and back muscles are subjected to less strain when playing golf.

The foot supports are supplied asymmetrically for right- or left-handed players.

Improve your game immediately!
Prevents damage to joints
Improves the body's motion during swing
Allows the standing foot's natural rolling movement

NovaPED Golf arch supports have been developed to fit the specialist needs of a golf player by improving the course of motions during tee-off and backswing.

special stiffening and pressure distribution zones provide improved stability and dampening. This has a positive effect on the feet, the knee axis, the hip and the dorsal muscles.

the arch supports assist the player in finding an economic movement and an improved co-ordination, thus leading to an optimum rotary motion and dynamic power of impact with a simultaneous relief of the entire body.

NovaPED arch supports can be supplied both asymmetric and for right and left handed players. NovaPED Procomfort has cushion layer made of Alcantara material.

can be supplied both asymmetric and for right and left handed players, prevents damage to joints, improves the body's motion during swing and allows the standing foot's natural rolling movement.

NovaPED golf basic

Special load relief points for the heel and ball of the big toe

Stable side rims for metatarsal and hindfoot zones

Padded layers of different densities

NovaPED golf procomfort

Additional load relief points for the big toe

Padded layer with high-class Alcantara covering

Forefoot perforations for better ventilation

Top cover: Alcantara cushion layer
NovaPED golf prodynamic

Additional magnetic points, which stimulate the metabolism and circulation and thus prevent premature fatigue

Top cover: Alcantara cushion layer
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