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  protect. Silicone insoles  
  Medical silicone insoles  


tenderness to pressure on the sole of the foot
deformities of the forefoot and toes
joint pain (arthralgia)
heel spurs


Mode of action

The soft cushion relieves tenderness to pressure and irritative conditions on the sole of the foot It abosrbs shock and reduces impact on the ankle, knee, hip as well as the spine



soft cushioning of sensitive areas of the sole of the foot with integrated "soft pads"

 integrated splay foot pad and low-profile support for the longitudinal arch of the foot

 made of high quality silicone, skin-friendly and non-slip

 trimmable for better fit

 hygienic, washable material


Sizing Chart

Shoe size (EUR)
37 - 38
39 - 40
41 - 42
43 - 44
45 - 46

* sized by EURO shoe size

Sold as pairs

Where to buy

Integratif @ Changi General Hospital - Pharmacy B
2 Simei Street 3, Ward Lobby, Level 1
(near Subway outlet)

Singapore 529889
Tel: 6785-5572


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