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Quadrastep System
Custom to foot type orthotic system
Introduction   •   Type A   •   Type B   •   Type C   •   Type D   •   Type E   •   Type F
The Quadrastep System is based on a clinical assessment algorithm which identifies and differentiates the structural and functional aspects of the foot into 6 specific foot “types”.

Each foot type influences not only the patients gait but the conditions and pathologies which may affect them throughout their lives.

The Quadrastep System approach to prescribing prefabricated functional foot orthoses is easy to use and brings immediate improvement to patients symptoms. The 4 steps to selecting a device with the correct features are based on many years of clinical experience and scientifically
researched evidence. By following the steps the professional will be able to offer orthotic treatment that will be sensitive to the natural development of the patients feet and normalise the stresses that create pain and disability.

Quadrastep orthoses are manufactured from an injection moulded thermoplastic compound which has a unique combination of strength with a soft “edge feel” which gives incredible support whilst maintaining high patient comfort and therefore improving patient compliance. The devices are single piece incorporating all of the required postings, recesses and heel cup/sidewall heights to effectively treat the specific foot type diagnosed requiring no additions or top covers. They can be easily cleaned with disinfectant without any loss of structural integrity.
6 ‘foot type’ specific designs
No casting/impressions/scans required
Simple colour specific design selection
5 adult sizes per model
Additional 5 paediatric sizes for specific models
Immediate patient results
Durable hygienic construction
Four simple steps to choosing a custom to foot type orthosis
The different shapes and positions of our feet should allow us to move naturally as we walk and run. Clinical evidence has shown that there are four key features that will influence how our feet work and that different combinations of these can lead to common painful symptoms.

The Quadrastep system shows how these physical and functional patterns can be identified to allow practitioners to treat problems with an orthosis that is uniquely suited to each combination.

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