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Prosthetic Hands
Artificial myoelectric or mechanical hands
Myoelectric Hands
We offer a comprehensive range of electric products, from hands and wrists through to powered grippers, elbows and shoulder units to accommodate all levels of amputation. These products are supported by control systems and power supplies, which provide the user with the optimum method of operation. These control systems contain interfaces, which allow other manufacturers components to be linked in to our systems.
Mechanical Hands

RSLSTEEPER Mechanical (Cable Operated) systems are designed with the basic principles of durability and ease of use firmly in mind.

Mechanical hands are available for children as young as two, up to male adults. These hands are of a rugged construction, have an adjustable grip force and can be locked in the fully closed position if required.

All hands can be supplied with either medial or lateral cable control. Cosmetic gloves in either Silicone or PVC may also be fitted.
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