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  Treatment Protocol  


X-rays are required before treatment to determine:

A. Patient suitability for treatment

B. Scoliosis/deformity classification

C. Patient specific treatment objectives

The indications provided are guidelines and not absolute, co-morbidities must be considered and may contraindicate bracing. SpineCor Assistant Software (SAS) is required for scoliosis classification, as well as detailing the appropriate corrective movement and brace fitting. This is the same clinical assistant software used for the SpineCor (pediatric) Dynamic Corrective Brace.

During treatment, x-rays may be required to optimize treatment in relation to spinal deformity correction/stabilization. Where the primary or only treatment objectives are pain reduction or postural improvement, x-rays of the patient in the brace are not essential.

Initially, the brace is worn 8 – 16 hours per day in order to initiate postural changes. After several months of wear, it is often possible to reduce wearing time while maintaining the same pain relief effect.

Initial follow-up for brace adjustment is recommended at 4 – 6 weeks with further follow-ups at 3 – 6 months dependant on individual patient needs.

The SpineCor Pain Relief Back Brace should always be prescribed by a doctor, physician or spinal surgeon who can determine that no contraindications exist prior to brace treatment.

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