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Case Study 1
Before Treatment

This case study follows the treatment of an adolescent female patient with idiopathic scoliosis whose initial presentation at 9.5 years and Risser 0 was with a 36º right thoracic curve.

Patient - 9 ½ years old - 36º
Clinical Aspect before treatment
Patient - 9 ½ years old - 36º
Radiological aspect before treatment
Treatment with SpineCor Brace

After evaluation of the patient's radiological. clinical and postural data, she was classified as a Right Thoracic Type 1 according to the SpineCor classification.

Corrective Movement
Right Thoracic Type 1
Wearing SpineCor Brace Set-up for Right Thoracic Type 1
Each SpineCor classification has a specific corrective movement strategy for progressive curve reduction. In the case of Right Thoracic Type I, the corrective movement is counter clockwise rotation of the thorax and clockwise rotation of the shoulder girdle.
Treatment Review
Day of Brace Fitting - 21º
One Month in Brace - 16º
6 Months in Brace - 4º
13 Months in Brace - 0º
After Treatment
Patient's postural correction and Cobb angle reduction have been maintained three years post bracing. SpineCor Brace wearing ceased 3 June 1999 after 15 months of wear.
Clinical aspect after treatment
15 Months of Brace Treatment -
2º Radiological aspect after treatment
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