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The Components

The SpineCor Dynamic Corrective Brace is made up of two components:

first component consists of the pelvic base, the crotch bands and the thigh bands. Its role is to act as an anchoring point and support for the actions applied to the patient's trunk by the elastic bands. When the pelvic base is stable, traction by the elastic bands is provided along the stable lines. The flexible nature of the pelvic section of the brace permits free movements of the trunk and engagement of the pelvis in the corrective movement.

The second component consists of the bolero and the corrective elastic bands. Its function is directly related to the active principle of the dynamic corrective brace. It allows a custom fitting of the brace aimed at modifying the postural geometry of the moving spinal column. The different lengths of corrective elastic bands allows for many possibilities in brace adjustment for an optimal corrections.

The use of a bodysuit under the brace is advised:

   For hygienic reasons; it will help to keep the brace cleaner for longer

   To add comfort; it will provide a barrier between the brace and your body, reducing the likelihood of the brace rubbing.

   To facilitate going to the toilet; you only need to detach the snaps of the crotch bands and those of the bodysuit, avoiding removal of the brace.

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