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Principal Corrective Movements
The corrective elastic bands of different length allow for many possibilities in brace adjustment for an optimal correction. Overall, there are 4 major ways to fit the corrective bands, corresponding to the thoracic, thoracolumbar, lumbar and double scoliosis. The 4 major ways are detorsion, tilt, lateral flexion and lateral shift. The SpineCor Assistant Software provides the guidelines for the choice of the bands and snaps.

Class: High Thoracic Curves
Class: Thoracic Curves
Correction: Tilt of the shoulders
Correction: Detorsion between shoulders and thorax
Class: Thoracolumbar Curves
Class: Lumbar Curves
Correction: Lateral Flexion of the trunk
Correction: Lateral Shift plus Lateral Flexion of the trunk
Class: Major Double Curves
Correction: Detorsion between shoulders and pelvis
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