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  Dynamic Corrective Brace  
  A revolutionary approach to conservative treatment of adolescent idopathic scoliosis  


SpineCor® is a new breakthrough treatment for idiopathic scoliosis utilising a dynamic corrective brace, clinical assistant diagnostic software (SAS) and postural measurement equipment (Freepoint). In worldwide clinical use, this new treatment has been shown to be effective in 89% of cases (either by stabilisation or improvement in Cobb angle of the curve).

The SpineCor® treatment approach is completely different to that of traditional 3-point pressure rigid braces; it is the first and only true dynamic bracing system for idiopathic scoliosis. SpineCor®’s unique approach to treatment by global postural re-education has been shown to give progressive correction over time which, unlike any previous brace treatment, is extremely stable post brace weaning. Clinical experience to date also shows better compliance and cosmetic results.

SpineCor® is highly effective in treating early stage of idiopathic scoliosis as demonstrated in our case studies. It also offers significant benefits to patients who discover their condition late. The real challenge is, therefore, to increase the awareness of the importance of early diagnosis and, that a viable early intervention is now available.

The Dynamic Corrective Brace is prescribed for idiopathic scoliosis patients with Cobb angle between 15° and 50° and Risser sign 0 to 3. Its efficacy for treating neuromuscular, neurological or other types of scoliosis is unknown and generally non-idiopathic scoliosis is contraindicated.

The brace is prescribed to be worn by the patients 20 out of 24 hours per day until they have reached maturity, with radiological evaluations performed prior to and immediately following the fitting of the brace, and every 4 to 6 months afterwards.

To accommodate for growth and postural changes, corrective bands need to be adjusted frequently and require replacement each 6-12 months for optimum brace performance. Major brace components can last from 1.5 - 2 years. A patient manual is provided that guides the patient in properly wearing the brace, as well as maintenance. The brace can only be fitted by SpineCor accredited practitioner.


Treatment Objectives

The SpineCor global approach to treatment works on minimising or reducing the four key progression factors of idiopathic scoliosis:

1. Neuromuscular Dysfunction
2. Growth Asymmetry
3. Postural Disorganisation
4. Spinal Deformation

Whilst it is rarely possible to completely reverse a child's scoliosis, SpineCor is able to deliver therapeutic success (improvement/stabilisation of initial Cobb angle) in 89% of the cases.



A much more acceptable treatment to patients, being cooler to wear, less restrictive, more easily concealed under clothing and 4 hours of out of brace time per day.

Treatment allows and encourages normal activities, sports, dance, riding etc.

 No side effects dissimilar to rigid braces which cause muscle atrophy and can be harmful to normal development in a growing child.

Excellent treatment results, particularly when treatment is started early. 89% effective; clinically proven in a 400-patient-10-year study.

Excellent stability of treatment results post bracing.

Neuromuscular integration for maintenance of improved posture.

Potential to reduce incidence of surgical intervention.



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