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Recent Cases

Case 1

DOB : 5 Nov 1998 (Male)
Starting Date : 11 May 2009
Brace Classification : Right Thoracic Type 1
Risser 0

Patient has juvenile scoliosis and was presented as 42° Right Thoracic Type 1. Obvious deformity was observed around T8-T10. As the patient is young, he has great spinal flexibility and therefore, 18° reduction in curvature was achievable.

Patient has been wearing Spinecor brace for 2 years for 20/7. His puberty has started and is noticeably gaining height. Patient was taken out of brace for 1 month and put on Spinecor's physiotherapy programme. After 1 month of physiotherapy exercises, patient took an x-ray which showed his spine is stable despite being out of brace.

Currently, the patient is under observation and undergoing physiotherapy without brace support. As he has just started his puberty, fast growth is expected and he may be put back on brace once progression is observed.


Case 2

DOB : 25 March 1999 (Female)
Starting Date : 1 June 2011
Brace Classification : Right European Thoracic
Risser 0

Patient is pre-menarche with potential of progression. At the point of donning Spinecor brace, her curve was already 40° at the thoracolumbar region. She was progressing at 1° per month even though she was wearing a Boston brace previously. By switching to Spinecor brace, both her thoracic and thoracolumbar curve are stabilised.


Case 3

DOB : 21 April 1995 (Female)
Starting Date : 15 February 2011
Brace Classification : Right Thoracic Type 1
Risser 5

Although the patient is already R
isser 5 at the point of bracing, her postural disorganization was a great problem. Her spine curvature was very much shifted to the right and thus causing her scoliosis to worsen. Surprisingly, the patient has great spinal flexibility despite a matured spine, Spinecor brace was thus able to present 19° or 49% reduction in Cobb angle.

Case 4

DOB : 15 June 1996 (Female)
Starting Date : 21 June 2011
Brace Classification : Left Thoracolumbar Type 2
Risser 5

Again, we have another Risser 5 patient with postural disorganisation. This time round, it is at the thoracolumbar region. From the x-ray, one can notice the shift of the thoracolumbar spine to the centre after bracing. The Cobb angle reading was improved too. With improved coronal balance, Spinecor brace was able to reduce postural disorganisation.
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