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Worldwide Results
The SpineCor System is currently used in 17 countries and over 100 treatment centres around the world. It has been offered as a bracing option in the KK Women's and Children's Hospital (Singapore) since Jan 2009.

Nearly 725 patients were in-treatment world wide at the time of the last result update in April 2002. The latest available visit for these patients, including all sizes and levels of curves, is presented in Figure 1, which demonstrates an improvement or stabilisation for 89% of the patients in treatment.

(Note: A change in the Cobb angle at the end of treatment and/or the last available visit in reference to the initial visit was utilized to identify a correction (decrease of more than 5° in Cobb angle), a stabilization (change of ±5°), or aggravation (increase of more than 5°).

Figure 1 : The last available visit in brace for the patients treated world wide with the SpineCor system.
Figure 2 below shows the results for patients treated in 2 different SpineCor centres (Gerona, Spain and Budapest, Hungary) including all sizes and levels of curves. An improvement or stabilisation for 87% of patients is achieved at both centres.
Figure 2 : The last available visit for the patients treated at the SpineCor centre based in Gerona, Spain and Budapest, Hungary (February 2005). Results for the 2 centres are similar.
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