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Orthotic Insoles

For people who suffer from poor mechanics of the foot, it can be very uncomfortable and painful as they move around in their daily activities. The human foot is made up of 26 different bones which are bound together by ligaments and muscles. Biomechanical problems of the foot can cause mal-alignment, uneven weight distribution and pressure points to develop; as a result, the bones in the foot are subject to undue stress, hence resulting in pain. Pain in other joints higher up the body, such as the ankle, knee and back, may also surface subsequently. An orthotic insoles is a support device that can improve and restore the natural function of the foot by countering and correcting the biomechanical faults of the foot.


Differences between orthotic insoles and regular insoles

It is important not to get orthotic insoles mixed up with regular insoles that can be purchased cheaply in supermarkets and similar sports shop and stores. These regular insoles are designed purely for comfort and/or shock absorption. Although they can be very comfortable to wear and feel like they are working to help, they will not get down to or aid in solving the biomechanical cause of pain or ailment that you may be feeling.

Orthotics insoles are specifically designed to alter and optimize the function of your foot to enable even weight distribution across all joints and ease any pain that are being caused to the feet from disorders such as heel spurs, bunions, corns or ankle pains.


Types of orthotic insoles

There are different types of orthotics insoles for different problems. Once such problem that requires the need for insoles, is over pronation or flat feet. This is caused when the arch of a person`s foot has collapsed under weight bearing and can lead to many other problems. If you are suffering from flat feet, it may be wise to see a podiatrist/orthotist for assessment, evaluation and treatment of the problem through prescribe custom made orthotics and insoles.

Custom made foot orthotics are insoles that are made to suit the specific requirements needed to mend the biomechanical problem. Once the problem has been assessed through a range of joint motion tests and gait analysis, an impression and cast will be made of your foot. This is then passed on to an orthortist /podiatrist to fabricate a pair of customized orthotics, with instructions from the orthortist/podiatrist, which is catered specifically to your foot.

Heat moldable insoles are also available which is a more cost friendly way of buying orthotics. Custom made orthotics can be expensive. Heat moldable insoles can be manipulated through the use of applied heat to fine-tuned to your feet. These can be more comfortable than custom made insoles but may not provide as much support in the long term.

Insoles come under five different types, these are:

Rigid insoles - to control movement

Semi-rigid insoles - for athletes and physical activity, to provide balance and shock absorption

Soft insoles - to relieve pressure and achieve pain relief

Calibrated (customised) insoles - to help flexibility, weight and activity levels

Proprioceptive insoles - provide support by applying a tactile stimulation to the bottom of the foot. In theory, this tactile stimulation transmits a signal to the cerebellum (the balance center of the brain). Acting on this signal, the cerebellum initiates a postural correction affecting the entire body. It neutralises the body to a more upright balanced gait posture; therefore allowing the body to move in a more balanced posture.

Orthotic insoles can be purchased over the counter as-well without prescription and can be easily slotted into orthopedic shoes that cater to the specific used of such devices. However, commercial/normal shoes may not necessarily have enough volume to cater to the insoles .


Our Service

We offer a range of custom orthotic insoles to treat a variety of foot problems:

Heel pain (plantar fasciitis)
Bunion (hallux valgus)
Flat foot (pes planus)
High arch (pes cavus)
Leg length discrepency
Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction
Achilles tendinitis




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