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  NovaPED business insoles  
  Insoles for men's and women's business shoes  
Even at work, a heavy load is placed on our feet every day. To prevent overload damage or reduce already existing complaints, business insoles were developed. With their shape and their very small design height, they are adapted to current shoe fashion. Thus, business shoes and insoles can form an optimally functioning unit.


Achilles tendon problems (Achillodynia)
tarsal tunnel syndrome
knee pain (chondropathia patellae)
pes-valgus foot (pes plano valgus)
splayfoot (pes transversus planus)


Mode of action

The soft cushion relieves tenderness to pressure and irritative conditions on the sole of the foot It abosrbs shock and reduces impact on the ankle, knee, hip as well as the spine



1. High-quality micro fibre cover – odour-inhibiting

2. Forefoot perforation – good ventilation

3. Forefoot padding – pressure redistribution and relief of the metatarsal heads

4. Truss pad – support and relief of the forefoot

5. Heel padding – relief of the heel

6. Longitudinal arch support – stabilisation and relief of the hindfoot



Wonen's insoles / low heel gradient / forefoot pointed shape
Women's insoles / high heel gradient / forefoot pointed shape
Men's insoles / low heel gradient / wide hindfoot / forefoot rectangular shape

Where to buy

Integratif Medical
114 Lavender Street,
#03-80 CT Hub 2,
Singapore 338729
Tel: 6224-8468

(all variants)


Integratif @ Changi General Hospital - Pharmacy B
2 Simei Street 3, Ward Lobby, Level 1
(near Subway outlet)

Singapore 529889
Tel: 6785-5572

(women's low heel and men's insoles only)



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