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  toe cushion  
  Soft cushion for the ball of the foot  
Silicone Toe Separators (pair)
Soft cushion to cushion and separate toes

Mode of action

separates dislocated and close adjoining toes and protects against sores, rubbing, skin and irritation

help relieve pain from soft corns, overlapping toes, nail problem and bunions


anatomically shape designed to minimize toe pressure

made of silicone, skin-friendly and non-slip hygienic, washable material

Sizing Chart

Available in three sizes: small, medium and large

Sold in pairs

Gel Toe Cap
Closed toe gel cushion for the big toe

Mode of action

cushioning, protection and relief for big toe corns, calluses, nails and cuticles


thin on the side for easy fit and thick on the end for protection

vented hole for heat / moisture to escape

Sizing Chart

Diameter of gel toe cap: 30mm

Sold singly


Where to buy

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#03-80 CT Hub 2,
Singapore 338729
Tel: 6224-8468


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