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PSB Ankle Brace
An ankle brace for sports
The PSB Ankle Brace is an excellent aid for unstable ankles and during recovery from an ankle sprain. The brace can also be used to prevent ankle spraining incidents. These are relatively common in sport involving a great deal of jumping (volleyball, basketball) or twisting (football, hockey, handball, tennis). The brace is also recommended for sports on uneven surfaces.
Mode of Action

The PSB Ankle Brace is unique in that it does not inhibit normal movement while providing optimal support for the ankle joint. Less bulky than a tradtional brace the PSB Ankle Brace fits perfectly in sports shoes and combines well with shin pads.

Another benefit is provided by the sophisticated tape design, which immediately blocks the ankle joint if it threatens to move too far inwards, as is the case with most ankle traumas. The pale blue power net, which exerts the pressure around the ankle joint, can be individually adjusted.

This sports brace has been used by the British Davis Cup tennis team and were described by their physiotherapist Mark Bender as: " Excellent brace systems! The Davis Cup Medical team were very impressed with the quality and function in such a lightweight and slim fitting design"

Circumference (cm)
27 - 30
30 - 33
33 - 36
36 - 40

The PSB ankle brace is available for both left and right ankle. For the correct size, measure the entire circumference of the instep, across the instep and around the back of the heel.
Where to buy
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