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Ankle-Foot-Orthosis For Foot Drop Treatment Just Got Better

Our line up of AFOs has been further strengthened with the introduction of Spry Step dynamic AFO and Push ortho AFO.

Spry Step dynamic AFO moves ahead of competition with breakthrough in material technology delivering a brace that offers greater structural strength and durability through application of proprietry carbon fibres and Kelvar composites in brace construction.

Push ortho AFO breaks the convention that AFO has to be rigid in order to be useful for foot drop treatment. It is constructed with a light and flexible frame with its the inner surface lined with comfortable and moisture-wicking microfibres. Foot inversion tendency is greatly reduced thanks to its innovative and easy-to-apply strapping system.


Do Braces Weaken Muscles?

It is a myth that braces weaken muscles without first examining how braces are worn. An average sports enthusiast engages in some form of sports 3 to 4 times a week. During these activities, an ankle brace, for example, may be worn to prevent injuries but his does not mean the ankle muscles are not activated at all. Braces are functional; they restrict muscle movements that have high risk of injury whilst allowing low-risk movement high degree of freedom.

In a week, the time spent out of brace is much longer than in it. Muscles would have more than enough stimulation and hence, the fear of muscle weakening from wearing brace is unfounded. However, over reliance on braces for support is not recommended as muscle strengthening is always important and should not be substituted. It is through maintaining strong muscles and joints, that we can enjoy better mobility and improved quality of life.

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