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Specialist in prosthetic products and services

Integratif Medical provides and fabricates a comprehensive range of prostheses that will meet every expected need of an amputee. Our prosthetist, technician and administrative staff work closely with doctors and therapists and endeavour to provide the best possible solution to our patients.

It is in our belief that every amputee is different and no single prosthesis system in the market can match the specific needs of every amputee. Therefore, we fabricate prostheses that will not only fit our patient's physique but also their lifestyle. We measure our success by how fast and how well our patient regains their normalcy in life.

If you are an amputee who has worn prosthesis for many years and has never felt the normalcy that you desire, we believe we can help you regain, to a great extent, that freedom and mobility which you once were used to.




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