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PSB Ankle Brace 8
Ankle brace with strap construction made for athletes
The PSB Ankle Brace 8 is suitable for all sporting activities where there is an increased risk of ankle sprain (instability) or mild pain complaints. It is also ideally suited for athletes who have a need for extra support during their sporting activities.
Mode of Action

Both the core design and strap construction of the brace on the outside ensure excellent support for the tilting movement of the ankle.

The brace offers the ultimate in comfort due to the high quality PSB materials used. The limited volume of the brace allows you to continue to enjoy sporting activities and all the health benefits of exercise.

The PSB Ankle Brace 8 differs from the PSB Ankle Brace as it can also be used in sports activities where shoes are not worn.

Circumference (cm)
20.0 - 22.5
22.5 - 25.5
25.5 - 28.5

The PSB Ankle Brace 8 is available in three sizes and a left and right version. To find the right size, measure the circumference around the foot.
Where to buy
Orthogait Scoliosis & Limbs Centre
10 Sinaran Drive #11-24
Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6250-1566
  Integratif @ Changi General Hospital - Pharmacy B
2 Simei Street 3, Ward Lobby, Level 1
(near Subway outlet)

Singapore 529889
Tel: 6785-5572
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