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  Action Reliever  
  Low-profile knitted OA knee brace with 3-point force lever arm  


mild to severe unicompartmental osteoarthritis (medial or lateral compartment)


Mode of action

Action Reliever combines compression with a proprietary three point force lever arm, and produces a surprising, yet comfortable, corrective force that relieves pain and increases mobility.

A comfortable pain-relieveing solution: anatomic knitted structure is luxuriously comfortable, fits symbiotically with the leg, and will never migrate.



low profile semi-rigid removable shells

slim hinge, low-profile straps and bukles - invisible under most clothes

effortless magnetic buckles

weigh less than 300g

optimal fit: anatomically shaped straps and knitting

breathable knitting, allows continuous air flow

comfort: low compression at popliteal crease

suspension: silicone thread integrated to the knitting


Product Video


Sizing Chart & Colours

Circumference of knee (cm)
32 - 34
35 - 37
38 - 41
42 - 45
46 - 49
50 - 53

Available in left medial (right lateral) or right medial (left lateral) configuration

Available colour: Grey


Product Enquiry

Initial fitting has to be done by trained medical professional

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