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  Geno Immo  

Knee immobiliser with an open and airy construction



suspected fracture of the patella.
dislocation of the patella.
patellar instabilities
partial lesion of patellar ligament.
collateral ligament sprains
post-operative knee immobilisation


Mode of action

immobilisation of knee at 0°



knee immobiliser is airy thanks to its open construction and the use of breathable material

very thin splint which can be worn on the skin.

velcro straps is mobile and can be shifted to adapt to the knee morphology and the pathology of the patient

comfortable to wear as there is no seamline acting against the skin.


Sizing Chart

Circumference of thigh (cm)
Brace length = 50cm
Brace length = 60cm
35 - 45
45 - 52
45 - 52
53 - 62
53 - 62
63 - 75
63 - 75

neasurement: circumference of thigh 20cm above the centre of the patella


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