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  Patientform Wrist Brace  
  Wrist brace with three dorsal closure straps and a malleable palmar splint  


 distal radial and ulnar wrist fractures
 post-cast healing
 carpal tunnel syndrome
 hand and wrist pain
 wrist sprains
 soft tissue injuries of the wrist


Mode of action

Patientform Wrist Brace is made from durable lightweight fabric and Lycra-lined for breathability and patient comfort. A removable aluminium palmar splint is anatomically pre-molded for correct fit and proper support. The palmer splint togther with three easy-to-use dorsal closure straps immobilise the wrist effectively.



 durable, lightweight material is Lycra-lined for breathability and comfort.

 removable and malleable aluminum palmar stay provides correct fit and proper support.

 easy-to-use contact closures

Sizing Chart

Circumference of wrist (cm)
11 - 14
14 - 16
16 - 18
18 - 20
20 - 23
23 - 26

Available in left or right configuration

Where to buy

Integratif Medical
114 Lavender Street,
#03-65 CT Hub 2,
Singapore 338729
Tel: 6224-8468
  Orthogait Scoliosis & Limbs Centre
10 Sinaran Drive #11-24
Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6250-1566
Integratif @ Changi General Hospital - Pharmacy B
2 Simei Street 3, Ward Lobby, Level 1
(near Subway outlet)

Singapore 529889
Tel: 6785-5572


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