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  PediFix Budin Toe Splint  
  Toe straightening splint  


crooked, overlapping or hammer toes


Mode of action

The PediFix Budin Toe Splint aligns crooked, overlapping or flexible hammertoes with elastic bands that gently guide deformed toes into place. This splint encourages flexing and extension of toes to prevent fixation and rigidity. It is an ideal splint for post-op use.



soft, durable, cotton covered splint



PediFix Budin Toe Splint comes in three variants:

one-toe splint: straigtens 2nd toe
two-toe splint straightens 2nd & 3rd toe
three-toe splint (left or right): straigtens 2nd, 3rd & 4th toe

Sizing Chart

One universal size


Where to buy

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