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  Frequently Asked Questions  

How long will it take before I know if WalkAide works for me?

Many people who try WalkAide experience immediate and substantial improvement. The medical professional who fits WalkAide will program the device to suit your individual needs for optimal effectiveness.


Will I be able to walk normally with WalkAide?

Many people who try WalkAide experience immediate and substantial improvement in their walking ability and enjoy a much more natural gait. However, there is no guarantee that WalkAide can help you.


Do I use WalkAide 24 hours a day?

No. WalkAide can be worn all day, but it must be removed and turned off before going to bed at night.


What does the electrical stimulation feel like?

The electrical stimulation in WalkAide replaces the natural, nerve-to-muscle stimulation. Many people report a light tingling sensation during the period of stimulation during walking.


How long does WalkAide work?

Depending on how much you use WalkAide, the battery should last anywhere from one to three weeks. WalkAide will give you both an audio and visual warning that the battery is low. A red light appears on the stimulator and the device beeps to indicate when the standard AA battery needs to be replaced.


Will I be electrocuted if it gets wet?

No, but you should avoid water while wearing WalkAide. While every effort has been made to weatherproof the device, continued correct functioning of the device requires careful operation.


Can I shower or swim with WalkAide on?

No, you should avoid water when wearing WalkAide. Remove the WalkAide when you take a shower or if you go for a swim.


Can I drive with WalkAide on?

No, you cannot drive while wearing WalkAide.

Is WalkAide covered by my health insurance plan?

All health plan coverages vary. Patients should contact a representative of their individual health plan to confirm their policy regarding WalkAide.



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